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What would it look like if
pre-field missionaries
from around the world
 could come to a
distinctly Pioneers community
to experience life-on-life training
on a multicultural team?

At Discipleship Training Communities:

Disciple-making is learned through intentional mentoring and hands-on practice among Unreached People Groups

Pioneers Core Values are shared and caught in a team context with members from around the world

Accessibility for all gateways and multicultural koinonia is embedded in each team’s structure and DNA from the start

Every Pioneers DTC shares the following commitments:

Furthering Pioneer’s Mission

Pioneers mobilises teams to glorify God among unreached peoples
by initiating church planting movements
in partnership with local churches.

Discipleship Training Community

Core Values

  • Spiritual & Character Formation
  • Multicultural Koinonia
  • Integrated Learning & Hands-on Mission
  • Mentoring
  • Globally Accessible
  • Reproducible & Contextually Expressed
  • Multilingual

Discipleship Training Community

Desired Outcomes

Participants who complete a Pioneers DTC will live and serve in a way that evidences:

  • A vibrant relationship with God rooted in intimacy, dependence, and identity formation
  • Foundational knowledge and commitment to growth in Biblical knowledge and obedient practice
  • Prayer and spiritual rhythms
  • Emotional intelligence & self-awareness
  • Applied cultural intelligence
  • Missiological reflection & integration
  • Understanding of and commitment to living out Pioneer’s mission and core values within communities that nurture teams
  • Valuing and celebrating the diversity and essential unity of the global Body of Christ formed by living in a culture of koinonia and self-emptying suffering
  • Practice in diverse and foundational methods of cross-cultural disciple-making and church planting

Pioneers International

Core Values

  • Passion for God
  • Unreached Peoples
  • Church Planting Movements
  • Ethos of Grace
  • Partnership With Local Churches
  • Team
  • Innovation and Flexibility
  • Participatory Servant Leadership

DTC’s Mission

To grow and release well-formed disciple-makers
into the global Pioneers family
through hands-on mission and mentoring,
within life-on-life, intercultural teams.

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