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Multicultural Koinonia "Toolbox"

Why a "Toolbox" for multicultural koinonia?

Pioneers is committed to being a multicultural, global family on mission together. “The whole Church to the whole world” is our vision and what we believe God desires for us as a movement.

On this pilgrimage of becoming a Christ-like, multicultural community, we need “tools” for the journey to help guide, equip, and inspire us to live into multicultural koinonia with the unity, mutual care, and intentional interdependence that Jesus desires.

The Multicultural Koinonia “Toolbox” is a virtual collection of resources designed as one way to help equip all members of our global family to deeply cultivate multicultural koinonia in our teams, gateways, and structures.

These resources flow from who we are as Discipleship Training Communities and our experience of sending members from over a dozen countries to serve among the Unreached.

"Tools" "Guidance" "Equipment" "Inspiration" for the Journey

Did you know the very first section in Pioneers’ International Handbook is our “commitment to embrace international diversity?”

This 15-minute video creatively shares this foundational commitment of ours from a global perspective and includes a link to a 15-minute, group discussion guide at the end.

Have you ever wondered what koinonia has to do with being multicultural, why Pioneers talks about it so much, or how to tangibly grow in being a multicultural community characterised by koinonia?

This 90-minute Udemy course helps your community to inductively study koinonia in the Bible, interpret what it means for your community right now, and wrestle with practical applications of seeking koinonia in a multicultural setting.

Did you know that multiple times in Scripture believers are told that their “financial koinonia” towards one another is a proof of their love to Christ? But what does that practically mean and how do we do that given the different cultural perspectives we have about money and possessions?

In this 1-hour Udemy course you will deeply reflect on what the Bible says about finances and missions as well as exploring how different cultures view finances in mission communities.  We also share a variety of best practices and customisable resources to help you apply what you have learned to your specific context.

We all view the world through lenses shaped by our stories—personal, cultural, historical, and even spiritual.  We all have an assumption of what is “normal” and what is “different.”  This isn’t bad. It’s just reality!

Join this 60-minute Udemy course to begin the journey of exploring some of the ways we are each shaped by cultural biases, and how we can prevent those preferences from unwittingly hurting those who think and act differently from us.

Also coming soon…

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