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15-minute discussion guide

“From the Whole Church to the Whole World”


Divide into groups of 3-5 people. Spend 5 minutes on each of the three steps below (total of 15 minutes). You might want to use an impartial timer if your group is following a schedule.

1. Observe

Take 5 minutes to read Section 1.1 of Pioneers’ International Handbook in your heart language.

English | EspañolFrançais | العربية | 官话 | Português

2. Interpret

We are committed to “reflecting the ethnic diversity of the global Church in our fellowship” and to “valuing and celebrating the worth and contribution of each believer in the work of the Great Commission regardless of ethnicity, nationality, or status.”

Discuss for 5 minutes: What might fulfilling this commitment actually look like in Pioneers International? How might we determine (or measure) whether Pioneers is embodying this or not? 

3. Apply

How do we know if we are engaging well in this “Spirit-led, ongoing and dynamic process of internationalisation?”

As an individual, think about your particular role in Pioneers (team member, team leader/coordinator, area/regional leader, administrator, mobiliser, etc.).

Take 3 minutes to come up with one sentence to finish the statement: “I am engaging well in the journey of internationalisation as a (fill in your role) if I…”

There are no right answers here and there are many, many things we could each be doing to engage well in the lifelong journey of embracing international diversity–so what is the one thing the Holy Spirit is inviting to you focus on right now?

Then spend 2 minutes taking turns sharing your application sentence with others in your group.  We encourage you to spend time as a community praying for each of us to lean into our mutual commitment to embrace Christ-like, international diversity.